Night Shell Switcher

by rmnvgr

Night mode for GNOME Shell! Automatically toggle between your light and dark GNOME Shell theme variants. Supports Night Light, Location Services and manual schedule. Important: You must enable the User Themes extension. These themes have been tested and work: - Adapta - Arc - Canta - ChromeOS - Flat-Remix - Kimi - Layan - Matcha (Manjaro default) - Materia - Mojave - Orchis - Plata (Solus default) - Pop (Pop!_OS default) - Qogir - Simply Circles - Teja - Vimix - Yaru (Ubuntu default) Other themes with a dark variant might work as well, let me know if there is a specific theme you'd like supported! And you can also manually set your day and night theme. If you need to change your GTK theme as well, try Night Theme Switcher:

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