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  • CUID Generator

    Generates a CUID and copy it to clipboard (due to few static variables, it is intended for development process only, not for production).

  • Desktop Folder

    An easy way to open the desktop folder.

  • Lock Screen

    Provides a status menu and/or entries in the user menu to lock screen.

  • Magfix

    Magnifier cursor shift fix.

  • Magnifier Improvements

    Makes a number of improvements in the magnifier mode: the pointer moves smoothly, corrects the appearance of scrolling lists, such as the application menu or search results.

  • Right-click For Touch Screen

    Adds right-click emulation for touch screen when long press.

  • Right-click Gesture

    Tap with two fingers followed by tap with one finger causes right-click.

  • Simple Font Manager

    Quickly enable/disable groups of fonts.

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