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  • Advanced Settings in UserMenu

    Show Advanced Settings (Gnome Tweak Tool) in UserMenu. This is a Gnome-Shell 3.6 compatible Remake of Advanced Settings in UserMenu by outbreak:

  • Battery remaining time and percentage

    Extension to show remaining time and percentage for battery near the icon on the top panel. If the AC is plugged it shows the time remaining to full charge. There are some options: disable the icon, disable percentage, disable the time, disable the arrow up when charging, disable at all when charging, disable at all when full. Have a look at README for instructions.

  • Extension-Shortcuts

    Extension shortcuts allows easy access to managing installed extensions, browsing for new extensions, and changing extension preferences. Advanced settings runs gnome-tweak-tool. To install: sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool. This is a gnome-shell 3.6 compatible remake from Extension Shortcuts by mbokil:

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