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  • Activities Icon Menu

    This extension turns the Activities button into a popup menu with icons for selecting either Applications or Workspaces in the Overview. Selecting the same view again will hide the overview.

  • Alt-Tab Current Workspace First

    NOTE: No longer updated. This extension has been separated into 2 extensions: "App-Switcher Current Workspace First" and "Window-Switcher Current

  • App-Switcher Current Workspace First

    App-Switcher modification that sorts applications by current workspace first. It separates apps into 2 separate icons if the app also has windows on other workspaces.

  • Application View Columns

    Set the number of columns in the Applications Overview. Controlled by a slider in the system menu with a switch for increasing compactness for up to 12 columns.

  • Lock Keys

    Numlock & Capslock status on the panel. Icons are auto hidden. Simplified with no menus, notifications or settings.

  • Show Application View When Workspace Empty

    Shows the application view when the workspace is or becomes empty, such as switching to an empty workspace, when all windows on a workspace are closed, or after login. Starting applications or switching to a workspace with open windows will hide the overview if it's showing.

  • Show Applications instead of Overview

    The applications are shown instead of the overview.

  • Window-Switcher Current Workspace First

    Window-Switcher modification that sorts windows by current workspace first.

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