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grroot has authored

  • Color Picker

    Simple color picker for GNOME Shell

  • Desktop Lyric

    Show the lyric of playing songs on the desktop

  • Extension List

    Simple GNOME Shell extension manager in the top panel

  • IBus Tweaker

    Tweaker of IBus for orientation, theme, font, input mode and clipboard history

  • Light Dict

    Lightweight extension for on-the-fly manipulation to primary selections, especially optimized for Dictionary lookups

  • Shu Zhi

    Wallpaper generation extension for GNOME Shell, inspired by jizhi

  • Simple Subscriber

    Simple shadowsocks subscriber (SSD only), yet another proxy switcher for GNOME Shell

  • User Theme X

    Customizable user-theme with user stylesheet and dark theme auto-switch based on the Night Light

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