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  • Dark Variant

    Enable dark window decorations on applications. This extension is not compatible with applications that use Client Side Decorations (CSD).

  • Dash to Plank

    GNOME Shell integration for Plank, the simplest dock on the planet. To use this extension, you must have Plank installed on your system.

  • Hotel Manager

    Hotel Manager allows to start and stop the Hotel daemon and your development servers via a menu in the status area.

  • Systemd Manager

    Toggle systemd services on/off from a popup menu in the top gnome panel. Can be used to start services like apache2, mysql, postgres. It uses `pkexec' to run `sytemctl'. If you want to start services without entering a password you have to polkit policy file. An example policy file can be found in the github repository.

  • Unite

    Unite is a GNOME Shell extension which makes a few layout tweaks to the top panel and removes window decorations to make it look like Ubuntu Unity Shell.

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