Dynamic Panel Transparency

by rockon999

Miss dynamic panel transparency in 3.32 and up? Try the original dynamic panel extension on all recent Gnome versions and with much more customization! This extension will fade your top panel to nothingness when there are no maximized windows present! Never again will the panel be abruptly darkened. May be incompatible with some extensions that make extensive changes to the panel. If your theme isn't working correctly with this extension enable 'Remove Excessive Panel Styling' in the Background section of preferences. This particularly impacts the default *Ubuntu* theme! New in v32 (in review) - Initial support for 3.34. - Fixes deprecation warnings on 3.34! - Fixes occasional errors when windows are closed. New in v31 - Fixes errors in 3.24 on lock and unlock. - Fix support for 3.28. New in v29 - Initial 3.32 support. General Features: - Theme detection (works with 99% of all themes). - Per-app customization (panel color, opacity) - Configurable text and panel coloring - Configurable text and icon shadowing - Customizable transition times - Window tracking with support for shortcuts

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