Dynamic Panel Transparency

by rockon999

Want the nifty Gnome 3.26 dynamic panel on all Gnome versions and with more customization? This extension will fade your top panel to nothingness when there are no maximized windows present! Never again will the panel be abruptly darkened. May be incompatible with some extensions that make extensive changes to the panel. v21+ are part of a major rewrite, if any bugs occur please report them on the website below. If your theme isn't working correctly with this extension enable 'Remove Excessive Panel Styling' in the Background section of preferences. PLEASE READ: I am aware of an issue impacting some 3.26 users. This bug crashes preferences upon opening. This issue has been fixed in v24 but this version is still not approved by Gnome Extensions. If you want a fix for the issue immediately v24 is available on the website linked below. Look for the GitHub link and then click "Releases" on the available tabs. v21 is for Gnome 3.14-3.20 v24 is for Gnome 3.22+ New in v24 (waiting for approval) - Fixes preferences bug in some 3.26 installations. - Adds toggle for new fading behavior. - Lowers theme panel buffer (may break some themes, but fixes the majority) - Fix Plank issues. New in v23 - Massive rewrite of all animations/fading handling. - Smoother and more visually pleasant animations - Better theme compatibility New in v21 - Panel now fades when any window touches it - Completely rewritten window detection - Compatibility with nearly all drop down terminals (Tilix too!) - New event handling - Better bottom panel support - Lots of bug fixes General Features: - Theme detection (works with 99% of all themes). - Per-app customization (panel color, opacity) - Configurable text and panel coloring - Configurable text and icon shadowing - Customizable transition times - Window tracking with support for shortcuts

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