Network Speed

by m0hithreddy

Highly customizable Network Speed Monitor. Quick install: /bin/bash -c "$(curl -sL" What's in this extension: * Preference Menu to customize the extension. * Five configurable network speed modes. 1. Total net speed in [g, m, k]b/s. 2. Total net speed in [G, M, K]B/s. 3. Up and down the speed in [g, m, k]b/s. 4. Up and down the speed in [G, M, K]B/s. 5. Total Downloaded in [G, M, K]B. * Extension color can be customizable. * Option to show upload speed first in modes 3 and 4. * Align the extension horizontally or vertically. * Different font sizes. * Option to autohide the extension, when idle. Mouse click events on the extension: * Left click: Cycle through the modes. * Right-click in the first four modes: Toggle the visibility of total downloaded. * Right-click in the fifth mode: Reset total downloaded. * Four consecutive right-clicks: Toggle the horizontal/vertical alignment. * Middle click: Cycle through the font sizes. Thanks to bijignome of creating the extension. Special thanks to prateekmedia for giving rebirth to the extension. What I added: * Revamping the whole codebase to create a roadmap for many feature additions. * Color customizations, Upload speed first, AutoHide. * Adopted Make build system to manage the extension (for developers). * Quick install method.

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