Workspace Monitor

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An attractive and flexible window list. ----------------------------------------- Features / options - Displays all the windows of a selected workspace. - Go to the window, on click. - Option in extension's preferences to adjust the maximum size of the panel. - Option in extension's preferences to select the display mode: -- Overlay mode: the panel will overlay above other windows of the active workspace, -- Dock mode: the panel will reserve space (as the gnome shell's top bar does). - Intellihide when in overlay mode - Switch of workspace with mouse wheel when hovering the panel (optional) - Keyboard shortcut to show / hide the panel (shortcut can be changed in prefs) - Option to always show the active workspace (turns the workspace monitor to work like a classic window list) - Display the window's application icon on top of its thumbnail (optional) - Add a dim effect to highlight the focused window (optional) - Option to select how the monitor behaves: -- displays all the windows of the selected workspace, -- or reverse: show all the windows that are not on the selected workspace - PT translation, updated FR translation. - Compact layout for the window list

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