by zpydr

Everybody, I am very sad to announce the end of the TaskBar extension for GNOME Shell. I have been enjoying developing this extension for nearly 6 years now, starting with GNOME 3.6.2. Over time a few hundred lines of code became a few thousand. But now GNOME has changed in a way that I am unable to keep up, it requires a lot of time, espescially for research, with only little documentation from GNOME to go along. Time is the big issue here, I simply do not have it. Now this extension is plagued with memory leaks and other inconsistencies that seem unfixable, and believe me, I have tried a lot of stuff in the past few weeks to no avail. I would basically have to rewrite this extension from scratch. Thanks for all the great ideas, bug reports, translations etc. We had a good run! Marc (zpydr@protonmail.com) PS The latest updates can be found at https://github.com/zpydr/gnome-shell-extension-taskbar/tree/39b36aba2611c42cefbbf9beab60d46ce75ec82c

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