Workspaces indicator by open apps

by Favo02 | 6295 downloads

Display a simple workspace indicator showing icons of apps open in it. Features: - Show a simple indicator to display workspaces and apps open in it - Support for drag and drop: change an application workspace just dragging its icon - Right/Left click to focus/minimize application, Middle click to close - Workspaces scrolling: change active workspace scrolling hover the indicator - Support for multiple monitor (for both static and dynamic workspaces) - Rename workspaces directly from the extension (activate in settings) - Hide/show GNOME default workspace indicator (former activities button) Customization: - Indicator position - Mouse scroll direction (normal or inverse) - Activate/deactivate 'middle click to close app' - Activate/deactivate 'click on active workspace to overview' - Activate/deactivate 'click on focused application to minimize' - Activate/deactivate 'workspace indicator' - Activate/deactivate 'app indicator' - Customize indicator color - Activate/deactivate 'round borders' - Show/Hide workspaces names - Show/Hide empty workspaces - Customize apps on all workspaces text indicator - Desaturate all icons - No effect/Reduce opacity/Desaturate for both minimized and inactive apps - Limit icons per workspace - Group icons of same application - Ignore applications (with regex)

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