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No longer maintained. See for replacement. Integration GPaste with gnome-shell. Left-click or <Enter> - activate element. Right-click or <Right> - check (to delete or merge). <Delete> - delete element. Long press or <Ctrl>Enter - alternative activation (open uri) <Ctrl>S - upload item (texts to, images to <Ctrl>D - pin element <Ctrl><Shift>A - check/uncheck all <Up>/<Down> - select. <Ctrl>+1-9 - activate one of the first nine visible. <Super>z - clipboard contents preview. <Super><Shift>Q - show pinned items. <Ctrl><Tab> - switch to next history (<Escape> to close switcher). <Ctrl><Shift><Tab> - switch to prev history. Quick mode: <Super>Q - show. <Escape> - cancel. While holding <Super>: Press 1-9 - activate one of the first nine visible. Q or <Down> - select next. W or <Up>; - select previous. Release <Super> or press <Enter> to activate selected item. if there is more than one checked items, checked items will be merged. Search flags: '-f' to search only files '-t' - text '-l' - links '-c' - show only checked items Requires gpaste and gpaste-applet.

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