Alternative Activities

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Workspace indicator + icons of apps running on each workspace + Extension Manager (installed extensions, quick access to preferences, enabling/disabling, restaring/reloading). Allows scrolling over to switch workspace. Uses default GS, built-in or custom theme. --- What's new (UR = under review, use link above to install manually) --- v3: Autoclose submenus on GS 3.6 and 3.8 similar to GS 3.10 native behavior. v2: Updated German, Russian and Ukrainian translations. • Activities button. Shows current workspace number [1] instead of [Activities]. • Workspaces. If you have YAWL taskbar (window list) extension installed the app icons in the menu are in the same order as the one you manually choose on the task bar by dragging app icons. • Extensions. Extensions can be sorted by name or by the frequency of access. There is also an option to show favorite extensions only (all other extensions will be placed in a submenu). • Themes. Some GNOME Shell themes completely change the look of the Activities button, hiding its text and showing an image instead etc. There is an option that forces the Activities button to look like all other panel buttons. There are also several built-in themes and an option to use your own custom theme. The extension comes with 2 custom themes (stylesheet_custom.css and stylesheet_custom2.css) to illustrate the possibility. Extension quick access options: - Extension preferences - Soft restart (disable + enable) - Hard restart (reload extension's code: useful especially for extension developers) - Hide extension* (remove from the list of favorite extensions) - Disable extension Additional extension options: - Show extension* (select extension as favorite) - Enable extension * These options are only available if you opted to show favorite extensions only. ‼ Warning ‼ The extension uses the native Gnome Shell's Activities button, and just substitutes its text with the current workspace number. It is compatible with most extensions hiding the Activities button such as, for example, Applications menu or YAWL taskbar, however, some extensions remove the Activities button and actively monitor if something tries to restore it. In such cases, the Alternative Activities extension cannot restore the button, and instead shows a message indicating such a case. Also, some extensions may not support Hard restart due to reasons beyond my reach. If you keep up with the latest GitHub version, checkout branch 'aa' and run `install-extension aa` to update after pull. You need some dev-libraries installed. Please consult for further details. Extension is translation-ready. There is a Wiki page on GitHub with instructions. Please report problems and suggestions here or on GitHub.

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