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Remove the App Menu from the Panel ** I will no longer maintain this, as stated below in 3.10 and above you can use the Gnome Tweek Tool to do the same. Thank you for your interest and loyalty! **

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gcampax posted a review
Ahem... in 3.4 you're removing real functionality for many GNOME apps, are you sure you want to do this?
grossetti posted a review
Well, please read this but report and the original email thread it references: I get lots of emails asking me to make this 3.4 compatible, what I wanted to do can be done now but I'm still investigating how to do this, an "overrides" for XSETTINGS was added (pls see the bug report referenced at the bottom of my bug report), I found this key: org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings and this one: I think the 1st one is the one I need though. I can't find the available XSETTINGS anywhere, the site is down ( I will gladly pull the app's 3.4 support until it is 100% finished, but could you please point me to the XSETTINGS docs? I did find this, which I think is the key I need "app-menu", but not 100% sure and not sure what to set it to to get the same behavior as XFCE has ( I submitted it because people asked me for it, but I agree it's missing something for it to be 100% useful.
grossetti posted a review
Actually, I think this is the key: "gtk-shell-shows-app-menu", I found it here: however, when I try: gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings overrides {'gtk-shell-shows-app-menu':1} I get: 1-4:unknown keyword or setting it using dconf-editor I get: Error setting value: 28-29:can not parse as value of type `v' I don't understand as the key's description says: This dictionary maps XSETTINGS names to overrides values. The values must be either strings, signed int32s or (in the case of colors), 4-tuples of uint16 (red, green, blue, alpha; 65535 is fully opaque).
gcampax posted a review
Ok, so what you actually want is the XSettings name, in this case "Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu" (you can find Xsettings names in sources for gnome-settings-daemon or gdk). The command then becomes: gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings overrides '{"Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu":<0>}' (note the two levels of quoting: one is eaten by the shell, the other by the variant parser) (note the brackets to indicate a nested variant) Inside JS, it would be (new Gio.Settings({ schema: 'org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings' })).set_value('overrides','a{sv}', { 'Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu':'i', 0) }))
grossetti posted a review
Thanks for your help, the command works now. Are there any apps that currently add something in that menu (other than quit)? I'd like to be able to see if it works correctly but I don't see a difference with it on or off.
gcampax posted a review
In GNOME 3.4, it's used by Contacts, Documents, Web (Epiphany), Disks, Boxes, some games. 3.5 adds Files (Nautilus)
grossetti posted a review
Ok, thanks! I updated it and tested it, works great! I'm submitting a new version. Thanks again for your help!
grossetti posted a review