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  • Activities Button Text

    Allows you to change the Activities Button Text with the Gnome Shell Extension Preferences tool. It is useful for displaying the name of your computer when accessing multiple computers with a KVM switch.

  • Activities Configurator

    Configure the Activities Button and Top Panel. Select an icon. Change the text. Disable Hot Corner or set the Hot Corner Threshold. Set Panel Background color and transparency plus much more to enhance your desktop. Click the icon or text with the secondary mouse button to launch the GS Extension Prefs.

  • Do Not Disturb Button

    Indicate busy status to block display of notifications and mute sounds. User options are provided to automatically set busy status at session start and schedule timeout of busy status.

  • Gnome Shell Extension Reloader

    Reload selected extension with the Gnome Shell Extension Reloader in Wayland and Xorg without restarting the shell with [Alt F2 r]. Limitations: This extension will reload an extension from the extension disk files only when the extension is in the error state; othewise, the Gnome Shell session must be restarted. See Extension Homepage for additional information.

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