Gnome Shell Extension Reloader

by nls1729

Gnome Shell Extension Reloader, extension-reloader@nls1729 - Effective March 29, 2021 the extension is NOT MAINTAINED. I give my permission to anyone who may want to become the maintainer. I no not have the free time or energy necessary to maintain the extension. This extension is intended for extension writers. The extension has been changed so any installed extension can be reloaded. The extension's panel button indicates when the current session is Wayland. When an extension is reloaded the current session must be restarted to load the changes into memory (unless the extension changes from the ERROR state to the ENABLED state). If the current session is an Xorg session the Alt F2 r sequence can be used to perform the restart. If the extension is in the DISABLED state it is enabled before the reload. Please see the extension website for additonal details.

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