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  • Advanced Calculator

    Quickly perform calculations in the shell overview. Supports 3.6! Radians now supported in trig functions by prefixing with 'r', ex: rsin('pi'/2) == 1

  • Currency Converter

    Convert currency from the overview search using standard 3 letter currency codes. "x AAA to BBB". ex: "3 USD to EUR". Currency rates are downloaded from timegenie.com and updated every 12 hours.

  • Unit Converter

    Convert units from the overview search. In the form "x this to that". Requires GNU units to be installed. ('apt-get install units' on debian based systems). Now supports 3.6! https://github.com/war1025/Unit-Converter

  • Workspace Switcher WrapAround

    When switching workspaces, going down from the bottom workspace switches to the top workspace. Likewise, up from the top workspace goes to the bottom workspace. Now 3.6 Compatible.

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