Drop Down Terminal X

by bigbn

A GNOME Shell drop down terminal with extra feautures. ▒█▀▀▄ ▒█▀▀▄ ▀▀█▀▀ ▀▄▒▄▀ ▒█░▒█ ▒█░▒█ ░▒█░░ ░▒█░░ ▒█▄▄▀ ▒█▄▄▀ ░▒█░░ ▄▀▒▀▄ Includes: tabs, multi-monitor, font scaling support; [Focus out] / [Escape pressed] events for hide. May 2020 updates: - Color schemes March 2020 updates: - Gnome 3.36 support - "Open in current directory" option February 2020 updates: - Multi monitor enhancements - Workarea of current monitor for maximized mode January 2020 updates: - Fixed fullscreen window priority - Keybinding to maximize terminal window; - Keybinding to manually focus terminal window; - Scrolling the volume indicator not affecting terminal; November 2019 updates: - Added support for the ~/.ssh/config file. Now you can get quick access to any your ssh host in one click; - Added support for ~/.config/drop-down-terminal-x/shortcuts file Now you can define any action that will become available in a special drop-down list for quick launch. This small improvement can improve your productivity See file format at https://github.com/bigbn/drop-down-terminal-x - Added option to prevent terminal jumps down to the bottom on long command output Special thanks to: - Osman Alperen Elhan (https://github.com/oae) - Balder Claassen (https://github.com/balderclaassen) - Adrien Pyke (https://github.com/kufii) - Alan J Carvajal (https://github.com/ajcarvajal) - Massimo Mund (https://github.com/masmu) - Jakub Żywiec (https://github.com/jakubzet) - Mattias Eriksson (https://github.com/snaggen) - Henry78 (https://github.com/Henry78) - Maxim Toropov (https://github.com/MaxMaxoff) for active contribution. Based on original extension "gs-extensions-drop-down-terminal" from Stéphane Démurget (https://github.com/zzrough)

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