Drop Down Terminal X

by bigbn

THIS EXTENSION IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. If you are looking for an alternative please look at that https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/3780/ddterm awesome extension. A GNOME Shell drop down terminal with extra feautures. Special thanks to: - Osman Alperen Elhan (https://github.com/oae) - Balder Claassen (https://github.com/balderclaassen) - Adrien Pyke (https://github.com/kufii) - Alan J Carvajal (https://github.com/ajcarvajal) - Massimo Mund (https://github.com/masmu) - Jakub Żywiec (https://github.com/jakubzet) - Mattias Eriksson (https://github.com/snaggen) - Henry78 (https://github.com/Henry78) - Maxim Toropov (https://github.com/MaxMaxoff) for active contribution. Based on original extension "gs-extensions-drop-down-terminal" from Stéphane Démurget (https://github.com/zzrough)

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