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New and unread mail indicator (Local, Imap, Pop3, Gmail, Yahoo mail...) Indicator for new mails from local mail boxes (MBOX, MAILDIR), POP3 or IMAP server. BE AWARE THAT THIS EXTENSION REQUIRES BUBBLEMAIL SERVICE INSTALLATION Check your distribution packaging system for availability. Besides, packages for distributions and source tarballs can be found here : http://bubblemail.free.fr Bubblemail is a complete rewrite of the mailnag project, with a lot of new features including : * Gnome online accounts are automaticaly synced * Avatars provided by the server, with default colorized icons for senders without specific avatar * Reports for connection errors. Please report any issue on the gitlab pages of the project : https://framagit.org/razer/bubblemail/issues https://framagit.org/razer/bubblemail-gnome-shell/issues

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