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Indicator for new and unread mail (Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft, Outlook, Aol, Icloud, Protonmail, Gmx...) * Multiple accounts support * Local mail support for Maildir and Mbox formats * Remote mail support for Pop3, Imap and Exchange protocols * Automatic imports of Gnome Online Accounts * Plugin support with default ones : spam filter, sound alert, libnotify, user script * Avatars provided by the server or default colorized ones * Reports for connection errors. BE AWARE THAT THIS EXTENSION REQUIRES BUBBLEMAIL SERVICE INSTALLATION Check your distribution packaging system for availability. Packages for distributions and source tarballs can be found here : http://bubblemail.free.fr Please report any issue on the gitlab pages of the project : https://framagit.org/razer/bubblemail/issues https://framagit.org/razer/bubblemail-gnome-shell/issues

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