AATWS (Advanced Alt-Tab Window Switcher)

by GdH | 71226 downloads

A highly customizable replacement for Alt/Super+Tab window/app switchers that offers a 'type to search' mode, various filtering and sorting options, workspace and monitor navigation, configurable hotkeys for navigation and window/app control, and an app launcher. AATWS allows configuring any mouse button and scroll wheel and can be used as a mouse-controlled 'dock'. Please note that GNOME has three built-in window switcher popups, and this extension replaces all of them. The first one groups windows by applications and is used as the default in vanilla GNOME distributions. The second one offers a window list, and the third one displays windows of the currently focused application. You can set keyboard shortcuts for all the switchers in GNOME Settings application. For more information and bug reports, please follow the link below. Keywords: alttab, search, find, window search, popup delay, applications, apps, dock, monitor, thumbnail, preview, move windows, launch app, switch, VIM.

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