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  • Advanced Alt+Tab Window Switcher

    Replacement of Alt+Tab Window Switcher that offers direct activation, type to search, various filtering and sorting settings (switchable on the fly), workspace switching and hotkeys for window control. You can also adjust size of the window previews and app icons.

  • Custom Hot Corners - Extended

    Give a function to any corner or edge of your monitors. Mouse pointer pressure, clicks and scrolls over the corners/edges can trigger any of dozens of built-in actions or your own shell commands.

  • Move WS Switcher Popup

    Move the workspace switcher popup out of the screen center - down for horizontal layout (Gnome 40), to the right for vertical (Gnome 3)

  • Overview Followfocus

    Activate a window under the mouse pointer when leaving Activities overview, without a need of pressing the mouse button - press the Super (Windows) key, hover the mouse pointer over the window you want to activate and press the Super key again.

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