CHC-E (Custom Hot Corners - Extended)

by GdH | 222727 downloads

Give a function to any corner or edge of your monitors and enhance your keyboard capabilities Mouse pointer pressure, clicks, and scrolls over the monitor corners/edges, or custom keyboard shortcuts can trigger dozens of built-in actions that help you navigate and control your desktop environment or execute your own shell commands. A significant portion of available actions includes visual adjustments (contrast, brightness, opacity) and color filters (red, green, desaturation, lightness, color inversions) and also accessibility features. Do not update extensions from this site, GNOME Shell will do it automatically on the next session start. Please report bugs on GitHub page linked below as Extension Homepage. keywords: keyboard shortcut, switch windows, overview, app grid, command, brightness, contrast, transparent, opacity, color effect, invert lightness, color tint, color blind filter, simulation, desaturate, night lights, dark theme, volume, mute, magnifier, zoom, screen keyboard, reader, large text, force close, kill -9, show desktop, reorder workspace, window thumbnail, preview, looking glass, custom menu, window, workspace, switcher, hide panel

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