V-Shell (Vertical Workspaces)

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Customize your GNOME Shell UX to fit your workflow, whether you like horizontally or vertically stacked workspaces. Originally Vertical Workspaces. Dear users, the reliability and stability of this extension is my priority, but V-Shell is an extension to default GNOME Shell and cannot be compatible with all available extensions. If you encounter any problem, first check for conflicts with other extensions and then open an issue on the Github page linked below. V-Shell includes many workarounds to survive conflicts and work with Dash to Dock / Ubuntu Dock extensions and other popular extensions, but issues may occur. The patched Dash to Dock for V-Shell is already available in my GitHub repository. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! V-Shell features: - vertical or horizontal orientation of workspaces - customize the overview layout, dimensions and contents - alternative overview modes with static workspace preview that reduces unnecessary movement on the screen - 4 predefined profiles with different layout and behavior that can be overwritten by your settings - wallpaper background with adjustable blur effect in the overview - dash icon size, content, icon click and scroll behavior - app grid dimensions, icon size, contents and behavior - active icons in the folder preview - close workspace button on workspace thumbnail - main panel position and visibility - hot corner/edge position and behavior - notifications, OSD and workspace switcher popup position - custom window attention handler behavior - improved app search provider with custom icon size - static background in the workspace switcher animation outside of the overview - independent workspace switching for each monitor (workaround) - workspace switcher popup appears even when switching workspace with a gesture - workspace isolated Dash - fixes (works around) several upstream bugs (known and reported) - modular structure of the V-Shell allows you to disable modules that you don't need or conflict with other extension that you like better for the task

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