Another Window Session Manager

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Close open windows gracefully and save them as a session. And you can restore them when necessary manually or automatically at startup. Most importantly, it supports both X11 and Wayland! Main features: - Restore the previous session at startup. disabled by default. - Save running apps and windows automatically when necessary, this will be used to restore the previous session at startup. - Close running apps and windows automatically before Log Out, Restart, Power Off. disabled by default. - Close running windows gracefully - Close apps with multiple windows gracefully via ydotool so you don't lose sessions of this app (See also: How to make Close by rules work) - Save running apps and windows manually - Restore a selected session at startup (See also: #9). disabled by default. - Restore a saved session manually - Restore window state, including Always on Top, Always on Visible Workspace and maximization - Restore window workspace, size and position - Restore 2 column window tiling - Stash all supported window states so that those states will be restored after gnome shell restarts via Alt+F2 -> r or killall -3 gnome-shell. - Move windows to their own workspace according to a saved session - Support multi-monitor - Remove saved session to trash - Search saved session by the session name fuzzily For more information, please visit Please report issues on Github.

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