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Dock for GNOME Shell 40+. Does use native GNOME Shell Dash. Very light extension. Hover the bottom of your screen and GNOME Shell dash will appear without overview and will hide when you leave the dash. Native GNOME Shell click behavior is modified: minimize if one window is open, overview if many windows are open. Scroll on the dock to change workspace. Some preferences in UI (thanks @rastersoft). I'm not notified of messages here, please report bugs only through GitHub.

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JustPerfection active
fthx posted a review
Hi JP, Do you know how can I modify this native GS function: by a custom one (to make minimizing-on-click available)? I mean, I know how to modify the function itself, that's quite easy, but not how to replace the native GS one by another one. Thanks!
JustPerfection posted a review
What do you mean by native? If you want to replace it with your own function you can use `prototype`.
fthx posted a review
Yes that's what I want. Do you have a link to usable documentation?
JustPerfection posted a review
JavaScript is a prototype ​based language. You can learn about `prototype` here: If you need an example, you can see this one in my extension: btw, you can also ask these questions on: GNOME Matrix channel: IRC Bridge: irc://
fthx posted a review
Ok thanks, I asked this in Matrix.