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Create isolated and customised workspaces each with different favourite applications and save them to 'Worksets'

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andyholmes waiting for author
I don't see anything particularly wrong with this submission, however it seems to be missing a file `handlers.js` and would be broken on all installs. Would you like to upload a new version?
blipk999 posted a review
Hi andyholmes, Thanks for the review but I am now currently reworking the UX of this extension under a new name, so it may just be best to delete this. Thank you.
blipk999 waiting for author
Hi andyholmes, It actually may take me some time to do that, so I will put this out for the meantime. I have reuploaded fix via the 'Add yours' link, not sure if there there was an edit option available. Thank you.
andyholmes rejected
That's perfect. I will mark this one rejected and v2 as approved. I believe you can change the user-visible name later if you want, just leaving the same UUID.