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by l300lvl | 108558 downloads

Places a button to the left(default) of the App Menu to hide all windows, and the Overview if active, and show the current desktop. Panel location can be changed via prefs. The visible icon changes when you have toggled hiding/showing of the desktop. Can now be controlled via space/keyboard as well, when hovered, this can be achieved with ctrl/alt/tab/panel/arrows/space or enter. Eventually actual keybinding will happen(v22??). *icon credit madkristoff(thanks, this is _still_ the only icon created and submitted!)* (credit:madkristoff, jonnius, mbokil, simonthechipmunk, MGSE, erguille, mikechaberski, mathematicalcoffee, asan, spinus, Xes, gcampax, magcius). v21: cleanup v20 store toggle mode when panel location changed remove st.bin fix settings leak this is stable now! v20 Huge release lots of cleanup, now works with space or enter when hovered, also restores focus to last focused window. v19 localized thanks to jonnius, icon now toggles modes to indicate status of windows. v18 stylesheet removed, now uses system style, more cleanup & notations. v17 placement option returns, left right or center only for now. todo: icon setting, keybinding, better pleacement

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