Unreviewed Extensions

  • TopIcons Plus

    (v13) by phocean

    This extension moves legacy tray icons (bottom left of Gnome Shell) to the top panel. It is a fork from the original extension from ag with settings for icon opacity, saturation, padding, size and tray position, along with a few minor fixes and integration with the Skype integration extension.

  • Audio Switcher

    (v1) by Gwynbleid94

    Adds a switch for choosing audio input/output to the system menu. Join Audio Input Switcher and Audio Output Switcher in the same extension.

  • Passwordstore manager

    (v1) by mcat95

    Access your passwords from pass ( from the gnome-shell

  • BackSlide

    (v8) by p91paul

    Automatic background-image (wallpaper) slideshow for Gnome Shell

  • Status Area Horizontal Spacing

    (v7) by p91paul

    Reduce the horizontal spacing between icons in the top-right status area

  • Go To Last Workspace

    (v2) by arjan

    Quickly toggle between two workspaces with one key

  • Pre-Paid Balances

    (v4) by l-ray

    Collects and shows the current balance on prepaid accounts like mobile phones. Currently provides Sipgate, Tesco Mobile IE, LeapCard.

  • Minimize All

    (v10) by scharlessantos

    Minimize all windows in current workspace