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Display system informations in gnome shell status bar, such as memory usage, cpu usage, network rates…

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gcampax posted a review
1) In disable(), call tray.destroy(), not, to disconnect signals and destroy the menu. 2) You must disconnect all signals you connect to the GSettings object, or properly run_dispose() at disable(). 3) If enter-event/leave-event crash the shell (weird...), use track_hover and connect to notify::hover. 4) You can use GVolume/GMount from Gio instead of looking at /etc/mtab. (This btw gives you also the correct sizes, without using libgtop). 5) Shipping .po files and .gschema.xml is not enough to use the convenience module, you need .mo and gschema.compiled. 6) In your configuration tool, you need the same workaround you do in convenience.js to load GSettings, or it will crash.
darkxst posted a review
Hi gcampax, I have a couple of quick questions, re 4, I tried using gVolume but it doesn't pick up system volumes (such as / and /home/ etc), is there some way to work around this? re 6, is there some way to access the extension metadata/path from python other than hardcoding the extension path into the script? Thanks
gcampax posted a review
Rejecting, there's a newer version.