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Gnome CPU Frequency Monitor and Governor Manager. This is a lightweight CPU frequency scaling monitor and powerful CPU management tool. The extension is using standard cpufreq kernel modules to collect information and manage governors. It needs root permission to able changing governors. Features: ⚫ Compatible with many hardware architectures; ⚫ CPU Frequency monitoring; ⚫ CPU Governor management; ⚫ CPU Frequency speed limits; ⚫ CPU Boost supporting; ⚫ CPU Power on/off supporting; ⚫ Saving/Restoring settings... For more information and how-to see

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konkor posted a review
This is lightweight gnome-extension for CPU scaling monitor and power governors's management. The extension is using standart cpufrequtils package to collect information and manage governors. It's need root permission to able changing governors or install policy for pkexec.
mengzhuo active