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System Monitor and Power Manager. This is a lightweight system monitor and power management tool. It needs root permission to able changing governors. Features: ⚫ Compatible with many hardware architectures; ⚫ CPU Frequency monitoring; ⚫ CPU Governor management; ⚫ CPU Frequency speed limits; ⚫ CPU Boost supporting; ⚫ CPU Core Power on/off; ⚫ Saving/Restoring settings... For more information and how-to see

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Previous Reviews on this Version

konkor posted a review
Here added User Profiles; Small improvements and fixes...
maweki active
There's a lot of new stuff happening but I think I saw nothing that could be an issue.
konkor posted a review
@maweki: Yeah. But here is nothing more then profiles. Specially I don't like the idea of profiles very much but many people asked it. * Here is new code to add, edit, remove and activate/load profiles. * It has some additional code to setup per code. * So there is a some code to make local menu objects globally from ('let turbo_switch' to 'this.turbo_switch' for updating values on changing profiles and just on opening popup menu). I'll try to minimize it in the future release but it has tested for month on different platforms and distros. But here is coming other functional feature an info header on top of menu to show some brief info: * CPU model; * Linux kernel; * Average loading, thermal throttle; * The extension warnings and configuration info...
maweki posted a review
No worries. I find it easier if releases are more fine-grained and incremental but that wasn't possible here, I know. Just don't do big code-reorderings while including new features. We don't test this stuff. We just look over it and see whether the developers accidentally break some shell stuff or keep listeners hanging around etc.
konkor posted a review
So this code helps Gnome-shell too. I found the bug 3.18-3.24.1 and it's closed now ;)