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Sync your wallpaper to today's Microsoft Bing image of the day (the image you see when you visit *Disclaimer*: this extension is unofficial and not affiliated with Bing or Microsoft in any way. Images are protected by copyright and are licensed only for use as wallpapers. Features: * UHD resolution wallpapers * Automatically fetches current Bing wallpaper of the day and sets as both lock screen and desktop wallpaper (user selectable on GNOME versions that support it) * Doesn't poll continuously - only once per day and on startup (schedules a refresh when Bing is due to update) * random mode (from previously downloaded wallpapers) *NEW: select/cycle wallpaper through previously downloaded images * Language support: English (en), German (de), Dutch (nl), Italian (it), Polish (pl), Chinese (zh_CN, zh_TW), French (fr), Portuguese (pt), Ukrainian (uk), Russian (ru_RU), Spanish (es), Korean (ko), Indonesian (id), Catalan (ca), Norwegian Bokmål (nb) & Nynorsk (ni), Swedish (sv), Arabic (ar), Hungarian (hu) and Japanese (ja) - a HUGE thanks to the translators This extension was forked from the NASA APOD extension by Elinvention ( and inspired by Bing Desktop Wallpaper Changer by Utkarsh Gupta ( Always restart GNOME after manually updating extensions. Please report bugs to the GitHub page below:

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