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Whenever there is an unread notification (e.g. chat messages), blinks the message in the user's menu with a color chosen by the user. Now configurable (3.4+ only)!! Alert color and blink rate can be changed on settings ;) If you have any question, be sure to take a look at the FAQ: Credits: The idea of painting the message on user's menu was borrowed from 'Pidgin Persistent Notification' extension by nemo. The code itself has some parts forked from 'Message Notifier' extension by barisione, 'Media player indicator' extension by eon and convenience.js from The blink idea and it's initial code was written by hossman. The initial gnome 3.10 support was done by Anthony25. The filtering support was done by ilgarmehmetali

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hackedbellini posted a review
The extension were showing as incompatible to my shell version. I tried to do what other extensions did, just letting 3.2. Do I have to list all shell versions there? The extension should be compatible with 3.2 and above! Anyway, rejecting it because I put another version with the changes I mentioned.