SomaFM internet radio

by alireza6677

Listen to SomaFm free internet radio using Gnome * Featues: - 32 Channels - Volume slider - Favorites menu - Good sound quality - Supports most gnome-shell versions - Channel logos * Requirements: - Gstreamer and plugins: You need to install 'gstreamer' and multimedia codecs/plugins for your distro. * Donation You can donate if you like my work :) BTC: 1KXJPJSmXUocieC3neRZEDakpzfcyumLqS BCH : qzzmzegfy76r5glpj26jzq2xly2cczsmfyrn66ax8q ETHER: 0xb6178080c8f0792e6370959909199647e26b8457

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