Time ++

by zagortenay33

A todo.txt manager, time tracker, timer, stopwatch, pomodoro, and alarm clock NOTE: The version of this extension on this site might be out of sync with the one from the github page. A bug you have here might already be fixed so consider using the github version. NOTE: For a more detailed README, visit the github page. Please report any bugs on the github page too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Sections Each section (timer, stopwatch, alarms..) can open as a separate menu when it's icon is clicked, or it can appear together with other sections in one menu. Individual sections can be disabled. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fullscreen Interface This extension has a fullscreen interface, which can be used to control a corresponding section as well as replace regular notifications. The interface has multi-monitor support, and it can be opened _(and brought into focus)_ via a keyboard shortcut. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Todo.txt Manager Some of the features of the todo.txt manager are: * Fuzzy task searching. * Filtering by context, project, priority, custom fuzzy filters... * Activating a filter by clicking on a priority, context, or proj in the task. * Support for multiple todo files and corresponding done files and csv dirs. * Sorting by priority, due date, completion date, creation date. * Fuzzy autocompletion for contexts and projects when inline editing a task. * Autoupdating when the todo.txt file changes. * Deleting all completed tasks and optionally storing them into a done.txtfile. * Switching between different views via keyboard shortcuts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Time Tracker The time tracker is built into the todo.txt manager and allows you to track the time spent on a particular task as well as the time spent on a particular project. When pressing the play button to track a task, all projects associated with that task will also be tracked. At the start of each year, the current yearly csv file will be archived and a new file will be started. There is also a daily csv file which gets appended to the yearly file at the start of each day. You can also see how much time you spent working on a task today, this week, this month, this year, etc, or do the same for all projects in the current year. The csv file has the form: date, time spent (hh:mm), type ('++' = project, '()' = task), task or project 2017-02-04, 08:03, ++, "+my_project" 2017-02-04, 23:59, ++, "+protect_gotham" 2017-02-04, 02:03, ++, "+protect_gotham" 2017-02-04, 02:03, (), "(A) Watch the world burn." 2017-02-04, 02:03, (), "(A) Catch Joker." 2017-02-04, 02:03, (), "(Z) Take the trash out." 2017-02-05, 08:03, ++, "+my_project" 2017-02-05, 23:59, ++, "+protect_gotham" 2017-02-05, 02:03, ++, "+protect_gotham" 2017-02-05, 02:03, (), "(A) Watch the world burn." 2017-02-05, 02:03, (), "x 2017-02-05 Catch Joker." 2017-02-05, 02:03, (), "(Z) Take the trash out." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Custom Theme Support This extension supports custom themes. In order to style it, place a `timepp.css` file in your theme's root directory _(the dir where the `gnome-shell.css` file is)_. You must use the `!important` directive in order to override a property from the extensions' stylesheet.

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