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Tunes gnome 40/41/42's Overview UI to make it more usable. Changes: - Search textbox is hidden by default and shown only when user begins to type-to-search - Scale of workspaces' thumbnails increased 2x - Restores wallpaper on workspaces' thumbnails. No more gray background - Show workspaces' thumbnails even when there is only one workspace - Firefox's PIP (picture in picture) window is now displayed on the overview screen All modifications can be disabled in the extension's settings. ATTENTION! After extension update, gnome-shell restart is required: X11: Alt+F2 => r Wayland: logout => login

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AXP posted a review
To reviewer: I have removed not-compined gschema.xml from bundle and kept only schemas/gschema.compiled. Is it safe to do so? Or should I submit bundle with raw xml?
JustPerfection active
You can remove gschema.xml file for the prebuilt packages. It's safe since the package only use compiled schema file. But you don't need to remove gschema.xml file since the extension packaging tool is including it by default.