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A dock for the Gnome Shell. This extension moves the dash out of the overview transforming it in a dock for an easier launching of applications and a faster switching between windows and desktops. Side and bottom placement options are available.

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Previous Reviews on this Version

michele_g posted a review
Summary of changes: 1. Allow to choose the monitor where the dock is shown. 2. Enable dash accessibility via ctrAltTab. 3. Directly customize the dash background opacity (Before I added another box to obtain a similar result). 4. Listen to a custom signal instead of watching with a loop when a popupMenu is closed. 5. I imported the whole dash class upstream code and reapplied my customizations. For the reviewer: It should be easier to follow such modifications, all to the file myDash.js, on github. The 10 interesting commits are all marked with a commit message beginning with "myDash: ".
michele_g posted a review
It's almost two weeks now since I uploaded this extension. Is there any problem or I'm only waiting for my turn?
gcampax posted a review
No particular problem, just all reviewers were either on vacation or at GUADEC. Good to go! (CSS time is in ms, really? It should have units, like other CSS values...)
michele_g posted a review
I didn't think about adding units... I'll do in the next version. Thanks for the tip.
michele_g posted a review
Actually it works only with dimensionless numbers in ms.
gcampax posted a review
In which case it is a bug in St, as the specification clearly states that time values should have units. Please file it, thanks.