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Configure the Activities Button and Top Panel. Select an icon. Change the text. Disable Hot Corner or set the Hot Corner Threshold. Set Panel Background color and transparency plus much more to enhance your desktop. Click the icon or text with the secondary mouse button to launch the GS Extension Prefs.

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nls1729 posted a review
Notes for reviewer of v10 and v11: Removed runtime hacks introduced in v9. Now have branches for GS 3.4 and GS 3.6. Fixed design flaw that removed rounded panel corners in v9. Added German translations due to the efforts of Tobias Bannert in Berlin. Added function to handle utf8 string length properly needed by translations. Added README.txt in English.
magcius waiting for author
Waiting on initial review.
nls1729 posted a review
See reviewer's comment on v10. Uploaded v12 3.4 and v13 3.6 changed to pass -1 to set_text and removed function to calculate length UTF-8 string.
gcampax active
"Waiting on initial review"? Bah This is good to go.
magcius rejected
No, it's not good to go. It's been replaced by something that doesn't use a function to calculate the length of a UTF-8 string. "Initial review" meant "v10".
magcius active